Galveston Bay Drive & Discover Guide

Explore the Bay for Less than the Price of a Tank of Gas!

Galveston Bay Drive & Discover Guide Are you looking for an exciting destination this weekend, but don't want to take out a loan to finance your family's car trip? Stick close to home—a Galveston Bay adventure is waiting for you! The Galveston Bay Drive & Discover Guide is a free publication that describes more than 70 sites around Galveston Bay that are important for cultural, historical, or ecological reasons. Captivating text, photos, and navigational maps are found within the Guide so that residents and tourists alike can visit the locations and explore this unique resource by car or bike. The sites are sequentially arranged so that drivers can easily travel from site to site. The sites are divided into sections in such a way that users can choose to drive one section at a time or make the entire Galveston Bay "loop" in a day.

The Galveston Bay Foundation and the Galveston Bay Estuary Program worked together to develop the Drive & Discover Guide to increase the public's awareness and appreciation of the bay and its resources. This close collaboration resulted in a one-of-a-kind Galveston Bay catalog. The Guide draws on the collective wisdom of dozens of Bay users including a local Bay historian. Of special note are the breathtaking photos contributed by noted local photographer, Jim Olive, as well as the unique habitat drawings produced expressly for this publication by Dinah Bowman.

"The Drive and Discover Galveston Bay Guide is a fun, picture-filled tool designed to give people a roadmap to Galveston Bay. It proves that you don't have to take an extended road trip to explore beautiful and interesting places," stated GBF President Bob Stokes. "With gas prices escalating, the Guide offers people a series of local inexpensive outings that the entire family will enjoy."

A long the route, you will encounter 42 interpretive signs at different sites listed within the guide to further draw the attention to our shared resource. These signs introduce residents and visitors alike to these distinctive Bay destinations. Supplemental text and photos illustrate the site's heritage and relevance to our coastal communities.

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