Protecting the BayOn the Water

Serving as the guardians of Galveston Bay, we actively seek solutions to bay issues by supplying analysis and cultivating partnerships.

Protecting the BayIn Our Schools

We focus on connecting our youth with nature to grow a population that appreciates the benefits of a healthy bay system.

Protecting the BayIn Our Communities

We work closely with area communities, governments, and businesses because we make a bigger impact when we work together.

Protecting the BayOn the Ground

We find unique and sustainable solutions to protect and conserve vital bay habitat.

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Evaluating the Impacts of Hurricane Harvey on the Dolphins of Galveston Bay

Prepared September 18, 2017 By Vanessa Mintzer, Ph.D. (Galveston Bay Foundation) and Kristi Fazioli (Environmental Institute of Houston-UHCL) Dolphins and Hurricanes Opportunities to evaluate the effects of catastrophic events, like hurricanes and flooding, on dolphins are rare.  However, …

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